Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Letter from a "Fan"

Photo Wendy Lynne Lee

Sometimes you have to let the opposition speak. 

I was recently confronted while out shopping by a rather animated gentleman (see pictures--sorry about the quality) who recognized me. In the interest of fairness, I agreed to post his opinion and I offered my email address. 

This is what appeared.

Dear Miss. Lee,

As a property owner and a proud American patriot I resent your constant opposition to the god-given rights of people to make money off the blessed bounty of natural gas that lies under our feet. My great- great grand-dad was amongst the first real Americans who came to this county to bring civilization and the ethic of hard work to an untamed wilderness. Before that this place was nothing - everybody knows that. My people built it into what it is today. As an outsider not born here, you probably would not understand that. I live on the same ground my hole life and know everything I ever needed to know without ever needing to go to far. Its outsiders like you who are hell bent on taking away our rights to live free and make money on our land as we see fit.

Why you libtards think you can come to our area, live here for 10 or 20 years and then tell us what the Lord gave us is not ours to use is beyond me. My family has been here since the beginning. If it was up to you my grand-dad would of never had a job cutting all the trees down during the lumber years.  And know what? You can look out your window and see that, no matter how many trees they cut, it all grew back. That is how the lord takes care of his people, but YOU atheists would not know that now would you? It is the same with natural gas – the lord provides a bounty for those with brains enough to use it anyway they see fit. To not use it is a waste and waste is a sin (everybody who reads the bible knows that). Maybe you should try reading the bible instead of other books written by commies and ignorant intellectuals.

Photo Wendy Lynne Lee
I, for one, am tired of you tree-huggen Obama lovers crying about climate change. Climate change is in the bible, ever hear of the great flood?  THAT was climate change and it made the world better as it got rid of all the perverts and dumber animals like the dinosaurs who could not swim. So, if there is climate change it will probably get rid of people like you who are ruining our country and do not respect our rights.

If I want to put a gas well or a pipeline or nuclear power plant on my land THAT IS MY RIGHT! If you don’t like it than you can plant some trees or put up a fence so you don’t have to look at it. And if you don’t like the smell of a compressor station – TOO BAD! I might not like the smell of whatever you burn on your stove next door but that does not mean I can tell you what to COOK!!

My flag tells me this is still a FREE country and, if you don’t like it, you are FREE to MOVE. Perhaps you might want to try one of those countries like Iraq or Iran who hate us and hate our natural gas. They want us to be superstious like them and slaves to there oil. Natural gas will keep us free and protect our way of life – everybody knows that! Except maybe libtard enviro wackos like you who think they are smarter than everyone who was here first.


Benjamin Zene
Bloomsburg PA. 


Anonymous said...

His uneducated, racist, xenophobic, senseless, sexist, bigoted, redneck, illiterate, low I.Q., and downright laughable outburst is almost unbelievable.

Suzy said...

OMG what an ignorant fool

Carmalene said...

Wow. This guy is seriously misguided. As a christian and reader of the bible I have yet to find the passage that says it's okay to destroy the earth and it's inhabitants. Why would God create such beautiful places like Rock Run only to have it destroyed for Natural Gas. His rant seems to me to be about greed and greed is a sin. I guess someone should inform him that the US exports more oil than it imports and our biggest importer of oil is Canada.

Exporting our resources out of the country to the highest bidder and poisoning our water, air and soil in the process seems unpatriotic to me.

Bill Huston said...

Wendy, is this a joke?

Ben Zene?

Anonymous said...

The dinosaurs could not swim... What a imbecile. ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Is he an American Indian?

Anonymous said...

No way this is legit. So he saw and recognized you in a store and you have a letter that he wrote? I'm so sure he identified himself as you snapped his picture. I guess if you don't really have anything to write about, you can always make something up...

Wendy Lynne Lee said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous Gas Guy,

Let me make this very clear once and for all:

1. I did NOT write this.

2. This letter is not a reflection of my view, my attitude, or my disposition.

3. Mr. Zene IS a real person.


Wendy Lynne Lee

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see where it says that waste is a sin in the Bible. It does however say that greed before people is against his will and desire for our lives.

Anonymous said...
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