Monday, December 30, 2013

Fifteen below could not have been any warmer. Time out for an Iconoclast's Christmas in the Adirondacks

The following are just a few of the photographs I was privileged to be able to take up in the Adirondacks during Christmas, 2013:

It seems like there should be much to be said about the staggering beauty of these vistas and peaks, these ice fields and glittering branches.

But suffice it for now as we barrel into a new year--one that will demand every moment of clarity, every once of labor, and every bit of resistance we can muster against not merely the natural gas industry, but against the corporatist interests that would commodify every square foot of our planet.

For me this new year must chart some path to seeing the connections between these industries--I must find that path from the frack pads to the factory farms, from the franken-corn to the industrialization of the oceans, and from the corruptions of governments to the cancerous surveillance that permeates our very lives.

These ligatures will be very complex and messy--but seeing too is a form of resistance.

For now, a moment to pause and take the advice of the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. "Look," he said. "Sometimes, you just look."

So, please enjoy. And Happy New Years!

Or better, go outside. Feel the bracing cold.

And decide once and for all to see.

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Vera said...

Happy New Year in the beautiful spot you're in and may 2014 be a even more powerful year for us all as we replace the Gas Industry and fossil fuels with renewables once and for all.